How do you launch a new gym concept targeting moms in a pandemic when they can’t leave the house?



When people are forced to stay at home, person to person contact matters more than ever. 


Design a content-strategy that encourages people to get excited about when they are able to resume their normal lives.


Plan & Results:

All businesses were affected by the 2020 pandemic and still are being affected to this day.

Krista Bommarito, Burn Boot Camp Franchisee partner Anderson Township, came to me with her problem of the fact that she quit her corporate job to follow her dreams of opening up her own gym just to be hit with a pandemic in the process. She did not know how to get people interested in signing-up at a time where all gyms were closed into the near future. I developed a strategy based on social media insights to reach the target audience with unique content exclusively for them. After diving deeper into the analytics, I concluded that the marketing material given to Burn Franchisees was performing significantly less than organic content created by the Anderson Township team. In a time where people aren’t able to have many people to person contact, they need excitement for the future.


By creating original content, such as workout videos, homemade recipes, and personal statements, the audience reach, and engagement increased. This lead to a constant inflow of potential members messaging for more information. The number of membership sign-ups started at 10 and increased to 115 within 45 days. Through using in-house content that strategically highlighted person to person contact in a fitness setting, I was able to help Krista create the awareness the gym needed and meet the goal of 300 sign-ups. Burn Boot Camp Anderson Township is now better able to communicate to their audience with relevant, timely, and socially engaging content. 

Examples of Original Content:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 9.39.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 9.44.51 AM.png
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