How do you change the negative perception associated with Alpha Phi?



In pictures, Alpha Phis were the party girls, but there was so much more going unrecognized. 



Acknowledge the need to change the brand image in order to put an end to the association between “party girl” and “Alpha Phi”. 


Plan & Results: 

To understand what a Kentucky Alpha Phi should embody, I held a chapter meeting to get the thoughts of the current members. After the meeting was over, my team and I narrowed down the top words we kept hearing: inclusive, diverse, fun, responsible, and friendly. 

We were able to develop actions to be taken to insert our five target keywords into the place of “party girl”. Social media content went from highlighting the same white, blonde, skinny girl participating in typical college behavior to showing the diversity Alpha Phi has to offer with girls of different races, backgrounds, and hobbies. By creating a Google Document where members can share other organizations they are involved in, internship experiences, and opportunities outside of Alpha Phi, social media content became based on aspects other than looks and only having a fun time. Creating relationships with different Greek organizations than the usual ones Alpha Phi paired with for events helped those other organizations get to know what a real Alpha Phi is like opposed to the stereotype. We had the opportunity to showcase a different side of Alpha Phi; the side that included: volunteering, bible studies, business fraternities, athletics, and much more. Incentivizing members to aspire to embrace the keywords in their everyday lives made for an overall rebranding measure. To rebrand Alpha Phi was to start with the members. I ran to be the VP of Marketing not only to fix the image problem but to help the members have a different outlook on their college career. Their actions and how they carry themselves play less on Alpha Phi’s brand and more on their own brand. 


The rebranding plan that was put into action by my team and myself resulted in multiple outcomes. First, current members were more satisfied with the inclusion and diversity seen on social media platforms. They felt more encouraged to create well-rounded content to be submitted to the Social Media Chair. Secondly, organizations on campus were approaching Alpha Phi to partner with them at events. Greek organizations saw the change and wanted to strengthen the relationship for the future. Even the business fraternity that several Alpha Phis were apart of came to us wanting to start an annual networking event. Thirdly, during my time as VP of Marketing, Alpha Phi recruited the best they ever had since their establishment in 2010. With Alpha Phi being a significantly new sorority on campus, this was a tremendous accomplishment. The executive board and I agreed that with this new outlook on our organization instead of associating change with a negative connotation, people saw the change in a positive light. The rebranding process had successfully begun and I was able to train the next VP of Marketing to continue building the new image.

Examples of Original Content:


Prior to re-branding


Post re-branding